Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Went for a movie/beach date on 17/6/14!

Caught maleficient and it was truly amazing & it thought me that we can never easily trust one's words and that not all men are heroes. OMG LOLOL I FEEL SO SMART HAHA. how to train your dragon/tfios next on my movie bucket list!!! Can't wait can't wait :-)

In the theatre with my super small cup of hot milo lolol regret that I didn't add in sugar though

Ruey and me with the nacho that qj is holding which looked like it was stuck in my hair lolol

Movie ended around 4:15pm so woohoo time for us to head over to Vivo and meet Adrin & Vernon!!! We were supposed to meet them at 4pm tho lolol Time for da beach~~~ 

On train selfieeeee

Went to siloso beach via the sentosa boardwalk cuz much more cheaper!! It was still hot even at 4pm tho hahaha but the heat lessen when it was 6pm!! Selfie while we're on da long travellator~

Reached the beach selfie!!

I took vids too so u can watch them from my dayre!!! :-))))

Step haha my legs damn ew

Failed jumpshot tho

Ruey's mum called while we were taking photos hahaha

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Third last paper yesterday (12/05)!! Came to school for a 30 mins paper only geez i needed my sleep so so much ��

Anyway it was around 8:30am when paper ended so went for breakfast with peasants :-))

Went and slacked with them since it was still quite early and it was raining!!! 

Another oneeee :-) so blessed for this bunch. Amazing how i'm sooo myself when i'm with them!! This kind of friendship is worthwhile an i hope our friendship will last so till the end <3

Sunday, May 11, 2014

it's been so long since i blogged!! to be honest, wanted to actually delete this blog since i have a dayre account now which is much more convinient, but to think about it, this is where i first started blogging and all good and bad my memories stays here even though i erased some entries from before. deleting this blog would then be such a waste... i would want all the memories to stay with me, no matter good or bad because i believe every bad thing that has happened is a lesson learnt.

Went out to changi airport t3 today with 4/5 peasants to supposedly study for our very last major papers for myes but turns out it wasn't that productive since we were easily distracted!! hahaha nonetheless we had a really good time and they are always the best kind of people to be around with. so thankful to god for blessing my life with these friends, ily guys <3 

hope to spend my sunday productively, wanna do well for my last major paper (f&n) and i really hope i did well for this year's mye because to be honest i feel that this is my very first time in my secondary school years i am studying and trying really hard to ace mye's... haha hopefull all goes well tomorrow, goodnight :-) x 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Last day of scho0ooo0l

School's finally over and i'm glad i've made it through everything even though i won't be with the same group of classmates in my next few years in school hahahahhaha.... i've been through lots of shit this year but i have to admit, 1N1/2N1'13 is the best class i've been with and i'm not going to regret this. :) they've taught me so much in these two years and all the people i've made friends with, i can never thank them enough for being part of my life?? 
I can finally have more time on things like friends n all so YAY HOLIDAYSSSSSSS <3 <3 this post is meant to be an entry filled w pictures i took on the last day of sch so it will all be at the end of this!!! I swear i wanted to take more polaroids n photos w other ppl but i cant find them HAHAHA esp the graduating seniorssssss omg im gonna miss them :(((((

Tbh i was like super scared x2848222 cus no one has piggybacked me before n im afraid im too heavy for adrin HAHAHHAHAHA BUT IT WAS OKAY LA... btw guys i DID NOT ASK HIM TO DO THIS TO ME PLS GEEZ

Thats all the photos i could find in my phone!!!! :( this entry feels so short and lame but meaningful at the same time to me HAHA I WILL MISS U GUYS DURING THE HOLIDAYS XX